Pageant of the Masters & So You Think You Can Dance!

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This past week, we went to see the Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach. It was amazing! If you have never been to the Pageant of the Masters it will be hard to describe the wonderful experience of seeing beautiful works of art, recreated using real people while still looking like a 2D painting. We had so much fun, it is now a family tradition to go every summer!

You know that Jodi and I love So You Think You Can Dance! We voted for a solid two hours this week for Danny – he’s a gifted dancer and Danny’s mother also happens to be my sister’s dance teacher, as well! Small world! This season had so many wonderful dancers and we can’t wait to watch next season. Congratulations to Sabra for winning the competition, you’re awesome!

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On August 17, 2007

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