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The digital files are high resolution and edited to be print ready. You receive every photo taken (except the blinking pictures). You also have unrestricted printing rights and online usage rights (tag away in Facebook!).

May 26, 2013

Want to make your own prints? Go for it! Want to put your photos on Facebook? Tag away! All of your pictures are edited and high resolution. The purchasing of the digital files gives you unrestricted printing rights – print your photos anytime for anyone!

FAQs about Digital Files:

Q) How many pictures will we receive on the discs?
A) ALL of them (minus the blinking pictures)! Some photographers limit the number of pictures you receive to a few hundred. I will deliver a few thousand. I also DO NOT hold your photos hostage for one year like some photographers.

Q) What does it mean for a photo to be edited?
A) Some photographers will burn a disc of the images straight from their camera and leave you stranded with unedited files. I make sure every photo is color-corrected, white-balanced, and print ready. I further edit a select number in my signature style.

Q) When will my photos be ready?
A) Did you know that some photographers will hold your digital files hostage for a year following your wedding date? Not for my brides and grooms! As soon as your photos are ready they immediately go in the mail and you can start printing and uploading photos right away. Photos are generally ready within three months following your wedding date.

Q) Why do I need high resolution images?
A) With high resolution images you can print high quality enlargements without pixelation. Some photographers only offer low resolution images which limits the size of the pictures you can print and any enlargements must be done through the photographer.

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