Pano Album

20x8 Leather Pano Album – 20 pages (40 sides) - matte finish - seamless pages - board style pages

May 30, 2013

PANO ALBUM – 20×8 Leather Pano Album – 20 pages (40 sides)

The Pano Album is not your traditional wedding album. This album opens from bottom to top instead of from left to right and is an impressive 16×20 when opened. The Pano Album is seamless with no center line. This album is available exclusively in matte finish with board-style pages and also comes in a variety of leather styles and colors. The Pano Album Package comes with two Pano Mini Albums.

PANO REPLICAS – Two Mini Pano Replicas – 20 pages (40 sides)

These albums are exactly like the larger Pano Album in every way except they are half the size.

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